A change at Eglinton Vet-One goodbye and one hello

We are sending out this message to acknowledge that Dr. Paul Hodges will no longer be working at Eglinton Vet in his capacity as one of our associate veterinarians.

Dr. Paul has been working with us for the last several years, and has been an integral part of our practice, managing the majority of our surgery and dentistry cases. His skills will be missed. We wish Dr. Paul all of the best as he moves on to other opportunities.

Drs. Bev Bateman, Bob Watson and Jen Hodges will be available to our clients as usual, and our availability and the flow of the practice should not change if you are to need us on the phone or in person with your furry friend(s).

We are in the process of finding a permanent surgeon to complement the team, and we hope to have someone in place by early September. In the meantime, we have added a colleague to our team to allow us to provide surgical and dental procedures as necessary. Dr. Eran Gilady is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, and has been practicing in the GTA since 2001. He has worked in emergency clinics, and in general veterinary practice, including owning a practice for a number of years. We are pleased to have Dr. Gilady join our team on a part-time basis to work Monday nights and to do procedures two mornings a week, including all soft-tissue surgeries and dental procedures, including tooth extractions if necessary.

The one piece of our surgical program that will need to be put on hold is our laparoscopic spay program. This is a disappointment in the short term, but in the long term we hope to find an enthusiastic surgeon to take over this program. Until we have a doctor trained appropriately on the laparoscope, we will need to discuss each case individually if there is need for the laparoscope and make the best plan possible for that pet. Please call us and speak to Dr. Bateman if you have any questions about our laparoscopic procedures.