Tribute to our friend Curtis

This blog is written with a heavy heart as our team unexpectedly lost our friend and clinic cat Curtis earlier this week.  


Curtis became a resident of Eglinton Vet in the summer of 2010, after his owners asked that we euthanize him. At the time he weighed in at over 30lbs, and was unable to walk properly, use the litter box or clean himself appropriately. As such, his family had no further interest in caring for him. Well known to our team, we asked that the family surrender Curtis to the clinic. Our thought was to put him through a rigorous weight loss program and then find him a new home. However, he quickly stole the hearts of our team and became a permanent fixture at the clinic.


Through a rigid program of feeding and exercise, we were able to bring Curtis’ weight down to a respectable 16 lbs over a couple of years. He was never very impressed by our weight loss plan, but thrived, becoming more comfortable and more active. He was given freedom to roam the clinic, but never ventured far from his “house” in the back treatment area of the hospital. His space here seems so empty now.  

The team will always remember how his belly shook when he ran. Despite living in a vet clinic, Curtis hated all dogs and would challenge even the biggest ones.  He demanded each meal and would rattle the bars of his open kennel to demand more food. As he became more adventurous, he would resort to stealing food from other animals in the treatment area. One of the great debates within the clinic was whether Curtis looked better with his beautiful long coat, or when he was sporting a ‘lion cut’. He was happy to earn his keep by advertising weight loss diets, lion cuts and by assisting with demonstrations.

Curtis did not have any major medical issues. Despite the immediate care of our team, he passed away very quickly on Monday afternoon following a massive heart attack.


For all that we gave Curtis, he returned the favour by making us smile every day. He has been part of the fabric of our lives for the last three years. He will be deeply missed by our team and also by those clients who came to know him over the years.