Happy Anniversary Curtis!

Many veterinary clinics have one or more resident cats. As animal lovers, those in the field enjoy having them around, and in many cases, they are cats rescued from unfortunate situations or lost pets whose owners are never found.

Just over two years ago, we were asked by one of our clients to consider euthanasia of their overweight cat. In the family’s mind, the cat was a burden, as he was grossly overweight; due to his size, he was unwilling to move, use the litter box properly or clean himself.  As he was at the clinic periodically for grooming, our team was familiar with this cat, and he had always been gentle and friendly. We did not feel that euthanasia should even be considered in this case, and knew that he would have no chance of being adopted if taken to a shelter. After discussions with his owner, Curtis became Eglinton Vet’s clinic cat in the summer of 2010.

Curtis entered our lives weighing 13.4kg (29.5 pounds), which is grossly overweight for a cat. We immediately put him on a strict feeding schedule and we have slowly seen the pounds melt away, by doing nothing more than feeding a prescription diet food in a very specific amount.  As of his most recent weigh in, we are proud to say that Curtis weighs in at a respectable 7.8 kg (or 17.8lbs).

Curtis was immediately at home in one of our larger dog kennels, and is always watching the activities going on in our treatment area.  Although he is not confined at all during the day, Curtis prefers to hang out in his comfy home. The only time that we really see him active is when we put him through his “exercise routine” for the day, which usually involves some walking up or down the clinic staircases.

Many of our clients will have met Curtis, who occasionally helps us with demonstrations, or models his special haircut, known as a ‘lion cut’. We are happy to introduce him to you at any time. The photo shown here is Curtis modeling the goggles used when he is undergoing laser therapy for his arthritis.  

Happy Anniversary to Curtis from the Eglinton Vet team! You make us smile every day.