Summer newsletter release

Hello everyone,

The beautiful days of summer are at hand, and we excited to release the online version of our Summer 2012 Newsletter.

Highlights of this edition of the newsletter include:

  • Dr. Bob writing about hot spots and how best to deal with them
  • An introduction to some more members of our veterinary team
  • Articles on nutrition and how it can contribute to management of kidney failure in cats
  • Information about some new products and services being offered at EVF. We are especially excited about the addition of Laser therapy to the practice and will be sending out more information on this in the next couple of weeks.  
  • As always, an update on Curtis, our clinic cat and his weight loss efforts. Check out where he is at now!

On behalf of all of us at Eglinton Veterinary, we hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer. Please don't forget that our four legged friends are very sensitive to the heat; always take precautions to ensure they are comfortable and hydrated! If you have any summer photos that you would like to share, you can join us on Facebook or send us the photos to be posted on our website. We would love to see them!

Please click here to read our Summer 2012 Newsletter.