Where are they going?

Today's blog post was inspired by a colleague's recent Facebook post, pointing her friends to an article entitled “Why do your veterinarians take your pet ‘to the back’”. The full article can be found in the Tucson Pet Health Examiner here.

As veterinarians, one of our jobs is to balance the needs of our patient and those of their owner. We understand that pets are often scared when brought into a veterinary clinic, and we want to be as gentle and efficient as possible when dealing with that pet.  Owners may be nervous as well; many people are unsure about what is involved in a visit to the vet, or worried about the health of their pet.

In almost all veterinary clinics, there is an area of the hospital designated for treatment of medical cases and our clinic is no different. Our 'treatment area' is the hub of the hospital. Here, we co-ordinate care for our hospitalized patients, collect laboratory samples, perform simple medical procedures and meet as a team for ‘rounds’ at specific times of the day.  Our treatment area adjoins the the hospital's kennel area, laboratory and x-ray facilities, and compliments our surgical and dentistry suites, which are found on the lower level of the clinic. 

What do we keep in the treatment area of our veterinary clinic? When 'in the back', our doctors have more pairs of experienced hands to help, better lighting, specialized equipment for visualization of the eyes, ears and mouth, supplies for laboratory testing, space to perform lameness exams and medications to aid your pet…the list is endless. Working in this space, our team is able to quickly and easily tend to your pet, and complete the tests or treatments that need to be done without any fuss.  Of course, there are always lots of cuddles and treats to be had as well!

We are always happy to have our clients be part of everything that we do with their pet at the clinic, and we hope that our clients would tell us if they were not pleased at seeing their friend disappear to ‘the back’. However, when our veterinarian makes a request to take an animal into our treatment area, it is merely because they have a reason to want to treat your animal in this area of the hospital; the veterinarian has some specific need in mind or simply wants the support of our skilled technicians and assistants.  By working with them, the veterinarian can accomplish what needs to be done quickly and without any fuss.  This benefits our clients and all of our four-legged friends!