Release of Winter 2012 Newsletter

As the holidays approach, we are excited to release the Winter 2012 version of our newsletter. We hope that it will provide you with useful information, and we have included articles on:  

  • Arthritis in pets and how this can be diagnosed and managed-this is a very pertinent topic for many of our older patients as the weather turns cold
  • Holiday hazards for pets-we have already had a number of emergency situations with our patients, and want everyone to be aware of what to watch out for during the holiday season
  • Dental disease in pets-this is a topic that we should likely include in every newsletter, as it is so important to your pet's health

Please check it out via the link here: Winter 2012 Newsletter

We have also included information on a new service that we now have available to our clients. The PetSites Gateway will allow our clients to access clinic and the medical records of their pet(s) via an account created using only your email address. This will allow you to look up items on your pet's record, access great health information, post questions to the clinic and also send requests for appointments, food or medication from your computer or mobile device at any time of day and night.

We will follow shortly with information on the release of PetSites and how you can access this amazing service. All you need is an email address!

We wish all of you and safe and happy holiday season. Here's to great health for our two and four-legged friends in 2013!