Reception floor reno complete

Over the weekend of November 23-26, our staff and a team of contractors worked hard to complete a renovation of our front reception room. Working on a modified schedule, we had three days without access to the front lobby or our computers. Thank you to all of our clients who understood the situation, coming into the back of the hospital to see the doctors or pick up food and medication. Your patience and the work of our team made this possible.

As far as we know, the tile in the front room dated back a number of decades (likely 40-50 years), so there were a few surprises for the contractors along the way. However, it is lovely to have a safe, modern floor which we thinks complements the 'cottage feel' of the wood paneling in our front room.

Below are photos to document the changes. Please let us know what you think. We hope to follow this by adding a tour of the hospital to our website. Coming soon!

 The pre-reno floor dating back decades. We couldn't wait to see the cracks and chips in the floor disappear!









Still hard at work overnight on Saturday night. We knew that we need to open for our clients as soon as possible.





Open again for normal business on Tuesday morning!