April showers...

Dear furry friends,

As we look forward to the warm days of spring we also need to remember that the smell of fresh flowers and the warmth of the sun’s rays also bring worms, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Along with our “buggy friends” comes the ever prevalent risk of Heartworm and other seasonal diseases.
Humans diligently protect themselves from the bites of these pests. Now, it is time to remind your parents to get you over to Eglinton Vet for your yearly preventive medications and wellness check up, including a Heartworm test.
Do not be nervous; our staff is very friendly and will do whatever it takes to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and painless. They will even hold your paw through your entire exam. As you know, we need to get a small blood sample from you, no worse than a bite from a nasty mosquito, give you a full and thorough examination and prescribe your favourite preventive medication for the spring. From yummy flavoured chews to topical solutions, or any combination thereof, we have the right medication to ensure that you do not lose out on any of our beautiful summer days because you are under the weather.
Keep in mind that during the months of April, May and June the clinic is very busy. As well as getting you and your friends tested for Heartworm and your wellness exams and blood panels run, we also need to look after our sick patients. Please ask your parents to be patient with us during this busy season. You have nothing to worry about. As long as you begin your preventive medication before the end of June you will be protected, even if you do get a bite from an early visiting mosquito.
At Eglinton Vet, we are firm believers in the benefits of preventive medicine and the importance of having a thorough physical exam at least once a year, appropriate vaccines and routine blood profiles.  By combining your heartworm test with a wellness blood profile, your veterinarian will have a solid base for your yearly checkups as well as a chance to discover conditions that may not be immediately obvious upon physical examination. Catching ailments early gives us the best opportunity to treat them, before they can cause irreversible damage.  Just make sure that your parents ask your doctor about the Wellness Profile when you are in to see us for your Heartworm visit.
Until we see your tail waging in our front office, have a wonderful spring, and stay healthy.
Your health care team at Eglinton Veterinary Facilities