The Eglinton Vet First Aid Kit ~ AVAILABLE IN CLINIC

EVF First Aid Kit
  • A comprehensive collection of supplies that can be used in the event of a minor wound or injury.
  • The perfect kit to have for the house, cottage, or any active lifestyle.  
  • All items come packaged in a convenient "sling pack" style backpack, with extra room for anything else you might need on your adventures!

Each First Aid Kid includes the following:

  • Pair of bandage scissors
  • A tick remover
  • 1 tube of Hibitane ointment (antibiotic ointment)
  • Small bottle of wound flush
  • 25 gauze squares
  • 5 non-stick, sterile telfa (bandage) pads
  • 3 rolls of gauze bandage wrap
  • 2 rolls of vet wrap (protective bandage wrap)
  • 1 roll of bandage tape
  • 1 package of cotton tip applicators
  • 1 bottle of Quik Stop
  • All kits come packaged in a sling pack, and include a laminated card with an itemized list of contents along with their individual uses.