Did you know that approximately 85% of dogs and cats develop some degree of dental disease before the age of 4?  Our pets teeth are just like ours, and benefit from regular preventive care at home to help prevent plaque and tartar build up.

Some of the common signs of dental disease in pets can be:

  • Bad Breath (halitosis)
  • Tartar build up on the teeth (yellowish material attached to the teeth)
  • Red, inflamed gums (gingivitis)
  • Reluctance to chew harder objects and/or mild bleeding when chewing

At Eglinton Veterinary our team is committed to trying to prevent disease rather than wait for bad things to happen.  This month we have decided to spotlight the variety of preventative home care options we recommend for keeping your pets teeth and gums in their best shape.


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Deer Antler Chew
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Feline Dental Treats and Chews


Remember - sometimes our pets require professional dental cleanings (just like us!) despite our best home care efforts.  If you think your pet may need a professional dental cleaning at our hospital please don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment to see one of our doctors.


For more information on dental health as well as to watch videos on how to brush your dogs teeth, visit our pet health section or click here: